Line For Line the Biggest Selection of
Boeing 777 200/300 parts anywhere

Benefits of the Largest selection of Boeing 777 200/300

Contract agreements come with optimal lead time

  1. A single source solution for all your Boeing 777 spare parts needs
  2. A truly cost effective option for managing your Boeing 777 maintenance costs
  3. All parts are ATA catalogued with comprehensive paperwork and part history

AIS has acquired the entire Kenya Airways Boeing 777 inventory of surplus spare parts, enabling us to serve our clients on a vastly greater scale than ever before

Original Equipment Manufacturer

AIS continues on its path of Independence through Interdependence with the a new vast inventory of KQ (Kenya Airways) Boeing 777 200/300 ER spare parts. This massive inventory option is a benefit to our current clients already working with the most trusted partners in this new African Aviation era. All parts come with fully traceable paperwork and are of varying condition including Factory New, Serviceable, Overhauled, & Repairable. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact AIS directly by phone: (+1-718-949-3300) or through email:
[email protected]